how it works



The KetoMedicalTM program attacks excess body weight by using the body’s natural ability to consume stored fat deposits when faced with a shortage of carbohydrates and calories.

zero fat and carbohydrates

The KetoMedicalTM program meal relpacement is based on a high quality protein-amino acid mixture with zero fat and zero carbohydrates to promote the active fat-burning process known as ketosis, while helping to maintain muscle mass.

hunger suppression

Hunger suppression is a known effect of ketosis, making it easier to stay with the program despite consuming around 500 calories per day.


The KetoMedicalTM is a bi-phasic program, consisting of a 10-day meal replacement phaseand a 10-day stabilization phase, during which the patient transitions to a normal, low-carbohydrate diet of meat, fish, and vegetables.

lose CLOSE to 5% of body weight per CYCLE

The daily amount of protein meal replacement is determined individually and is dissolved in 2 liters of water to be consumed orally throughout the day. After completion of stabilization phase, the meal replacement phase can be repeated for additional weight loss.

partner with your doctor

The short duration of the KetoMedicalTM cycle and the quality of the meal replacement compound minimize the probability of side effects and make it easier to complete the program. However, clinical guidelines recommend that such low-calorie programs be administered under supervision of qualified medical professionals.

Consult your physician to discuss your weight loss goals, details of the program, and your eligibility.